Unsupportive Family


Family gatherings as a Vegan can be frustrating, I’ve received comments such as “You know we need to eat meat” and “You’ve drank too much of the kool aid”. I just keeping having compassion for my family members who are in denial and unaware of the corporations that have influenced the norm of meat eating. Sometimes I can’t help but think its ironic and think how these members of my family are also struggling with many health problems, yet they judge me on my diet. I don’t bring up my veganism but find I’m on the defensive a lot due to others. It’s almost as if they feel they need to attack me to justify their own behaviors. I will keep trying to set a good example but have intentions to seek out alternative holiday events with other vegans in the future.

Dr. Joy gives a great explanation of the psychology of meat eating: http://www.carnism.org/



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